Kazy Vincent-Janes : Holistic Consultant

Clinical Ecologist - Advanced Emotional & StressTherapist - Spiritual Coach/Starseed-Shaman Soul Energy Work

International Tutor Examiner & Certificator.


Offering Highly Bespoke Individually Tailored Health & Easy Life –Enhancement Services.

SHINE : Supporting Health Individually Naturally & Ecologically

Kazy Vincent-Janes is a caring and intuitive practitioner, an international tutor, examiner and certificator in the UK and supervisor to other practitioners; trained and studied in the combination of the bio-chemical, immuno-neurological, and the emotional-psychological perspectives of the human being. Thus with the aim to support any condition with the aim to maximise the quality of life for as long as possible by supporting the whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually. Having acquired many trainings and years of experience, coupled with constant ongoing study and cutting edge research, Kazy Vincent-Janes aims to deliver a highly personalised and deeply comprehensive service of care and support. Based upon HEART-CENTRED - BRAIN - GUT, clinical science supoorting physical and heart-centred emotional wellbeing. A comprehensive holistic and besoke approach for the individual, a formulated blend from specialised clinical and therpaeutic trainings, whilst embodying the soul spiritual aspects in and around through-out. Energy Soul journey work are also available seperately.

Everything IS Energy - including You! Science now explains that everything is an arrangement of particles, protons and atoms influenced by everything in and around us. With emotional and phyical imbalance, we can now see how the DNA molecule compresses, and with Health it expands. Dis-at-ease or EASE. 

For You Are A Unique, multi-system Resonance of Energy always seeking its Homeostatic Blueprint.

Kazy Vincent-Janes is committed to supporting the health of the individual, naturally and ecologically with a view to adding choice and having access to all information in conventional (medical) and alternative wellbeing. 

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Shine -  a Beautiful and Uniquely Tailored Bespoke Heart-Centred Life and Health Enhancement extended consultation encompassing the emotional, physical and spiritual - a blend of nlp, coaching, trauma resolution therapeutics, mind-body, epigenetics and natural and nutritional medicine, science biochemistry & energy medicine. 

Nutritional & Natural Medicine  -  Allergies, Food Sensitivities & Enviromental/Orthomolecular Medicine - Clinical Ecology  - Natural Medicine - Kinesiology - Energy Medicine 

Emotional/Stress Therapy & Mind -Body Science Practitioner  -  Advanced NLP  -  Hypnotherapy  -  Deep Trauma Resolution - The Wholeness Process - Life-Coaching - Core Transformations - Journey Work

Life- Coaching - Individual Life Coaching & Couples/Relationships Guidance.  

Personal & Sports Nutrition combined with Peak Performance science-based Mind-Body-Heart Coaching.

International Tutoring, Examination & Certification

Energy Soul Work  -  Chanelling Angellic Divine & Crystalline Transmission. Soul Journeying - Intuitive Empath - Soul Reading Past Life Clearing Trauma. Shaman, Clairvoyance/Clairscentiant. 


The real You, how you really wanna be, requires no having or doing nor learning or trying, no wondering no becoming, no striving to do. For you were born without apology being you in your truest essence. And for some reason, a part of you got separated from that knowing, and this is just the invitation of you waiting for you to embrace it and love you as the universe and those that truly honour do xx Kazy xx

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