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Train to become a Clinical Ecologist 

Offering Highly Bespoke Individually Tailored Training Services to Fit with in your Life at a Pace just Perfect for You!

Kazy is the UK trainer and certificator for the insurable qualification in Clinical Ecology. This is an exciting and fascinating course that will offer you the qualification for a career in alternative healthcare. It is indeed extremely specialised and is based uopn the unique and pioneering methology of Doc G Davies; combined with ground breaking scientific research from all over the world; and clinical experience of Kazy over the years.

The course content covers the physiology, biology, endocrinology, emotional and soul aspects of the 3 brains - Gut and the microbiome including the instigatory organ the Pancreas! the Heart now reclassified as an endocrine organ and the Brain all connected by the central nervous system. The essential balance of the pancreas and microbiome affect every other chemical and molecular reaction. This unique training highly specialises in the gut and aims to restore, rebalance, support  the individual in a seamless, methodical and natural way. The course considers ecology of food and nutrition, allergies, sensitivities, nutritional imbalance, underlying conditions, chemical, parasitic, candidiasis and many other considerations such as toxicology, epigenetics; of cellular memory and emotional energy -  science and the chemistry of the human condition.  You will be taught how to test and quickly discover imbalances and correct them using the most  Davies test ( unique to this training) and follow the seamless methology unique to this training. You are what you think, You are what you eat. 

 You will be required to have some background in health, medical or alternative, and will assessed for eligablity accordingly. A foundation training (1-6) in kinesiology is preferable. the course consists of 14 modules plus practical/clinical hours to acquire through shadowing and observational work, and case study. The course can be pitched and booked at a pace to suit your individual needs/times, but would generally be agreed at one module per month.

If you are a kinesiologist, or health practitioner of similar interest, this could be the course for you to move your work to a new level. You will be required to attend the modules, as well as shadow and gain practical experience with Kazy and with clients, as appropriate. Exams will be intermittent and there will be a final exam at the end of the course. You will receive upon completion to a high standard of competency, a qualification insured for practise by Balens. Please call to enquire 01297 - 489894


Private tuition in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching 

Whether you would just like to learn some basic skills; need help with another course you are attending or exams coming up please call to enquire 01297 35317


Supervision for Students and practitioners in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching,  please call 01297 35317 to enquire. Kazy is approved by the (BIH) Brithish Institiute of Hypnotherapy for students and practitioners alike. Clinical Ecology Supervision by request. Please call 01297 35317. 


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Private Tuition for Student and Qualified Practitioners charged per hour £96.00

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