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Kazy is wonderful teacher, sympathetic and kind. I would definitely
recommend her.

C, Somerset, Oct 2017

Came to Kazy struggling with illness and fatigue. I was in such a rutland couldn't see how to back to doing the things I love. Kazy's combination of fun energy, calm and caring suited me brilliantly, and I immediately felt relaxed. The skills she taught me have already enabled me to make huge changes in my life. I feel like Kazy really 'got' me, and her instincts made me get so much more out of our work together than I'd imagined. The time flew by and I left energised, happy and confident. Thank you Kazy!

H, Dorset, Jul 2017

I was trying to cope , now I am. Kazy has a lot of teaching experience and clinical experience to back up what she teaches and practices. Be open and do the things she recommends you will be amazed!

J, Scotland, Jul 2017

"I went into this process with great hope and a hint of anxiety. I need not have been concerned - Kazy and the Lightening Process have given me the tools to get my life back on track. The results of the training are astounding, even I can't really believe it. For the first time in 4 years my head is out of its fog, my body no longer craves my bed and I actually smiled at my own reflection. How cool is that?! And now I have the know-how to maintain this state of mind and continue this incredible journey".

J , Somerset, Oct 2016

Thank you Kazy for my Shine consultation. Kazy fully understood what i needed and helped me with everything I have been finding difficult. I instantly felt safe and happy to be myself and am so excited that I have the tools to embark on my journey to health. On the third day Lu came in and she is wonderful. It was an amazing experience to meet them both, they worked amazingly together. Thank you.

N, Devon, Aug 2016

I was doing chronic fatigue syndrome for a number of years and had undertaken various changes to diet, lifestyle and job, including undertaking pacing, counselling and the use of dietary supplements and medication. Whilst they all had their place in my healing process I still found myself doing chronic fatigue and struggling with a negative thinking pattern surrounding it. I'd been told about the lightening process years ago and thought nothing more of it until now when after listening to Phil Parker's audio book, felt it was the perfect time to give it a go. I found Kazy through his website and felt after talking to her she was the right person for me to complete the seminars with.

Kazy is a professional and passionate individual who really believes in you and the journey you are undertaking. She is able to gently guide you through the process whilst challenging you in a sensitive and caring way that allows you to really understand the mind-body connection and how it affects you personally. I would recommend Kazy and the lightening process to anyone that is ready to learn tools and skills to help you live a life you love. A few days after undertaking the seminars I feel different and friends and family are already noticing the changes!

C. , Somerset, Jun 2016

I was very low prior to my first day with Kazy. I didn't need to explain everything to her, she just 'got it'! I felt no judgement whatsoever during my time with Kazy. She taught me some useful and effective tools to help me which from the first day made such a difference.i feel there is a way forward and no longer keep looping through the same old destructive cycles. Thank you so much kazy, you are awesome, it couldn't have been any better because it was tailored made for me uniquely.

G, Cornwall, May 2016

I came to SHINE hoping that I would find the answers that my past therapies/treatments had not provided and I was not disappointed. Kazy taught me a set of simple strategies that I can use going forward. I know that there is still work to do but I am looking forward to putting the theory into practice to achieve the happy life I deserve. It was a privilege to work with Kazy, her understanding, compassion and ability to know exactly what is right for you are amazing.

Thank - you

R, Suffolk, Nov 2015

Kazy, just ant today thank you so much for sharing what you have with me, I feel privileged!. Life will never be the same again! Sorry "my AMAZING LIFE" will never be the same again!! I don't know how to say what I mean so thank you will have to do for the time. Thank Lu for me also. You are both wonderful, amazing ladies, totally inspirational. M

M, Cornwall, Nov 2015

kazy is a wonderful person and soul.the consultation was at my pace and has been life-changing, highly effective with immediate changes.

L, Somerset, Sep 2015

Kazy reaches the parts other therapists don't reach!. An amazing journey- have gone to much deeper levels and new understandings. Im going away with a new way forward.

J , Cornwall, Jul 2015

The most wonderful experienceI have had. Kazy has the knowledge and compassion to make you feel so very special and unique. Everything is geared for you. She listens, her wisdom and experience is second to none. I now feel ready to to move on to an active life free from the reactions to stress that I have been doing almost all of my life. Thank you so much Kazy.

G, Devon, May 2015

Absolutely incredible, fantastic and amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel ready to stand in my power and to listen to myself- my wise one!. I do not need to feel stuck and can now move forward. I am excited by what I will manifest from now.

S., Devon, Apr 2015

Shine - Amazing journey of healing to a place of wholeness and radiance within. Really gets you in touch with healing energies and to infinite depths. Kazy is an amazing being, and very thorough and awesome healer with so much knowledge. A true blessing with so much integrity.

R, Eire, Mar 2015

A positive and life-changing experience. The consultations were sensitively and skilfully adapted to meet my unique
needs. There is now a whole new future ahead of me.

C. , S Wales, Mar 2015

Sceptical before attending 3 days extended Shine consultation, yet I cam with an open mind and heart to the possibilities of change. I would recommend this to anyone, this is the beginning of my limitless happy Legacy, it was perfect for me, 11/10!

M, Dorset, Jan 2015

So helpful and feel amazing. Interseting and moving Shine extended consultation, with so much support from Kazy, and Lu on the last day. I feel amazing and am looking forward to the future. I have no symptoms now, but if I was I now know what to do. 10/10 satisfied.

J, Dorset, Dec 2014

I am truelly grateful for completing Shine as it has helped me to overcome my issues and symptoms. I can now focus on my future.

R, Somerset, Dec 2014

Heres my experience of 3 days consultation... It was life-changing, before I was unrecognisable both physically and mentally. Within hours I could feel the change and by day 3 I was me again- something I never thought was possible. I even looked like the me before I became ill.i feel great, amazing infact!. Life is so much more than what it was. I have choice like never before and I've started also using the tools in other areas of my life. not only am I grateful but I know my children are because I can do all the things I couldn't do before. We go swimming, for walks in the woods rather than me spending days in bed in pain. Thank you Kazy from the bottom of my heart.

L, Brighton, Oct 2014

I cam to see Kazy feeling very low and like I had lost all my self-confidence and sense of self. the Shine consultation was just what i needed - extremely informative with lots of fascinating information about why i was feeling like i was. Three consultations were enough to fully understand and practise techniques I needed to get back on track, and i can't wait to use in life practise. fell like the old me again! A big thank you.

H, Midlands, Oct 2014

The most amazing time..going from strength to strength. I have a lot to look forward to this summer. Thank you so much for your help. The training has vastly improved how I feel about myself and my attitude towards life. I know i can achieve anything I want to. Best wishes.

B, Bristol, Jul 2014

I visited kazy in late April for a one-to-one Lightning Process session for chronic fatigue. I am pleased to report that I am totally well and have a much more positive outlook on life. In fact I am now starting to lead the life I had put on hold for almost ten years. I am determine to regain my fitness and have started a keep fit regime which will help shed the three stone I need to lose in order to get back into shape. Sofa surfing is no longer an option I'd rather being life surfing! I would recommend anyone who has (or should I say 'doing') a chronic condition to visit Kazy. Additionally, it is well worth paying the extra for a one-to-one session as you will get so much more from your session. From the very first meeting Kazy will put you instantly at ease. She is a very kind, welcoming and accepting person with a very good heart, who is only there to help.

I should add that Kazy is not in any way judgemental about you or your condition. I am a fifty year old male who doesn't do tears, but throughout my session I was weeping with tears of relief and joy that at last I had found someone who I felt was going to help me, come what may. Thank you Kazy you gave me back my life!

Kazy is very easy to get along with and is great at getting across all the concepts of the Lightning Process. I must have asked hundreds of questions throughout the three day session and she answered them all. It is vital that you fully understand each concept before moving on to the next and Kazy ensures that this is the case.

I found Kazy to be a truly compassionate, empathetic and a very special person whom I would heartily recommend anyone going to see. She also lives in a very beautiful part of the country (West Dorset) should you wish to make a booking to see her there.

Thank you Kazy you gave me my life back.

J, West London, May 2014

I cannot thank you enough. It's what I've been after for years.
"It seems to me that Kazy has the tools to support a range of so-called 'incurable' chronic diseases that doctors cannot entertain. With my condition (severe RA, despite being relatively young), the food testing Kazy provided was completely invaluable, as was the Shine course (to clear out all that useless emotional and mental baggage that was keeping my body trapped, blocked and stuck in pain). Her knowledge is, I believe, without compare and I will be forever grateful I was put in touch with her. Words cannot do her justice. My self-healing and road to (complete!!) recovery would have been a lot slower and more confusing without her. She can, I believe, help people heal in so many ways - ways people are not even aware of. Everyone should see her!!!"
G.R, Freelance journalist, Bristol.

G, Bristol, Mar 2014

Kazy really helped to put my condition into perspective. her explanation and the energy she used was really great. she helped me to get to grips and understand concepts that were new to me, really easily. I have noticed changes in my life from the first day and now have a way out of my condition for the first time in 10 years.

J, Devon, Feb 2014

'Kazy is worth her weight in gold. What she teaches should be taught in schools. The tools she she has given me to walk away with are very powerful..my life will never be the same again. Thankyou so much for helping me get the life I love!.

L, Sussex, Feb 2014

This lady is a genius in her field. I would highly recommend her.

P, Devon, Jan 2014

Kazy, you have been wonderful and given me back my life.Thanks for what you have done for me. I went for a check up to my GP and they cant believe how well I am !

J, London, Jan 2014

'Interesting, stimulating, I feel empowered to be able to move forward and put this behind me'.

A, Bucks, Dec 2013

Kazy, i am feeling great, happy and energised. I couldnt be happier! xxxx

C. , London, Oct 2013

Amazing amazing, thank you so much Kazy, its the start of my new life.

S., Herts- Attended Shine Consultation, Aug 2013

A huge thank you for everything you did for me, I'm still going strong and loving life!.Your energy and lust for life are so inspiring. I really feel Ive learnt so much from you. Thank you you again, all the very best.

D, London, May 2013

I arrived nervous and excited, looking forward to the process of getting better. The firt day went really fast as I was taking in so much information. Each has become easier and easier and Im now looking forward to living the rest of my life in the way I love.

P, Dorset, Apr 2013

It is about a year and a half since I came to see you for the first time. My health had deteriorated so bad it had seriously started to effect my work. The doctor did not seem to be able to help me anymore, and I was seriously worried about my future. I have been functioning really well during this time since, and I want to thank you so much for setting me on a healthy path, as I said I have been doing really well.

A, Sussex, Apr 2013

It has been an enlightening, life-changing, fun and exciting experience.

S, Avon, Feb 2013

Thankyou much for so setting me on the right track..All the things you have taught me stand in such good stead for the future. You are an amazing woman, love and light.

C, Somerset, Feb 2013

Kazy is a caring, sensitive, intuitive and excellent coach and trainer.

S, Scotland, Jan 2013

Thank you for turning my life around and back on track, energy is so much better cant believe how quick the results are. Still full of energy and very inspired.

A, Middlesex, Nov 2012

Amazing I already feel changes, I really enjoyed it.

P, London, Nov 2012

I feel like a totally different person, so much happier and positive. Thanks once again for all your help and I hope we shall meet again in the future! Regards.

S, Devon, Sep 2012

A really positive experience, one thats quickly got to the root of symptoms, (and issues). Ive learnt to overcome them and I have a clearer perspective, am able now to envisage a bright and positive future.

P, Dorset, Jun 2012

I am gobsmacked at the changes in my body and mind. No pain-it has simply gone! I feel absolutly certain I can deal with any physical or emotional pain- I have the tools! Kazy is such an inspiration, her knowledge is incredible- Thankyou.

A, Hassocks, May 2012

Amazing brilliant Kazy! You`ve done another thing my gp couldnt do- Im now sure I`ll never need another PPI (protein pump inhibitor) & I`m really happy about that and grateful to you! You work so hard to get your knowledge & do so much good! Please be really really proud of yourself.

D, Cheshire, Mar 2012

Its not just about health- Ive addressed the fundamentals of how I lived my life, and I`m even better than before the ill period! Kazy is the fairy Godmother I was too cynical to believe existed.

V, Dorset, Mar 2012

Kazy, many many thanks for giving me all I need for happiness, health and an easier life.

J, Devon, Nov 2011

Its been a positive, eye-opening experience that has enabled me to understand myself better and move forward. I am well!

M, Bridport, Dorset, Oct 2011

Kazy is wonderfully caring and supportive. I felt completly safe in a very loving enviroment. She helped me heal on both physical, mental and spiritual levels. Thank you so much for all your love and support- its been amazing in more ways than one! Now its my time to fly.

H, Dorset, Sep 2011

An inspirational and amazing time with Kazy that has given me the tools and knowledge I need to create a wonderful new life - thank you!

C, Somerset, Sep 2011

At last I am walking along my path of light!

B, Devon, Aug 2011

Working with Kazy has been a life-changing experience, I feel that I can now be me again

R & C, London, Aug 2011

Thank you for an intensive, at times challenging exploration into my world that reflected how I lived my life - this has changed my life and my whole outlook. Thank you for all the info and tools that has enabled me to go forward with my life now.

A, Seaton, Devon, Jun 2011

When I came to visit Kazy, I wasn't in a very good place. However, just days on and I can now say my life has changed already and substantially. I no longer have PVS, I am recognising limiting beliefs that held me back so much, and suddenly the world seems a much better place. Definitely worth doing - you won't look back.

M, Axminster, Devon, Jun 2011

Its been brilliant, you've done things in a way I could understand in my own way, I felt comfortable, relaxed and I feel I can live the life I want now - thank you.

N, Plymouth, Devon, May 2011

C is great. No Pain!! My mood, energy and fitness levels are good. Lots of gardening and walking. C relays to friends how much better he is, many asking are asking for your details, which we have proudly given. Portraying our images of good health, of which we are very proud and grateful to you and Dr. Davies, is very convincing! If you get calls from North Devon, you will know who to blame. As I said to C, Holistic health is based on the whole person, especially when major life changes are taking place. Love and all best wishes to you. sincerely R.

R & C, Braunton, Devon, May 2011

I did clinical ecology and the LP, my life has changed, I had M.E for 18 months and it really dragged me down. I believed I could get better. On the first day, Kazy was so welcoming and made me feel at home, she explained what we would be doing over the 3 days. Now I am better and living the life I love. If you are thinking of doing the process I would recomend Kazy, she is fab!

S, Coulsdon, Surrey, Nov 2010

I would like to say a huge thank you to Kazy for the days we spent training. It has made a huge difference to my life. After having problems for over 10 years I have finally moved on to the life I love. After training I was able to do many things I had not done for years.

Kazy is a very good teacher, everything was explained in a straight forward way. If you are thinking of learning I would recommend that you speak to Kazy. A truly life changing experiencee so once again Kazy, thank you so much! x

L, Bridport, Dorset, Sep 2010

I`m really excited to be able to go back to the life I had. Kazy did much more than just teach me. She drew on all her expertise to put me right where I want to be. Just got home from Day 3 and now off for a run!.... My thanks again, H.

H, Lyme Regis, Dorset, Mar 2010

A brief note to say how much I appreciated your dedication and kindness in taking me .. Having had a peaceful weekend, I feel rejeuvenated and ready to take on the active life I enjoyed 23 years ago. It was a pleasure to work with such a very special person and I look forward to seeing you again. Jennifer.

J, Lyme Regis, Dorset, Oct 2009

My life has changed so much since seeing Kazy. I was suffering with ongoing pain to the neck and back following a number of car accidents leaving me with a whiplash injury. I was also emotionally drained from the pain I was getting from this injury and not being able to do the things I loved. I was having frequent visits to a cranial therapist which was my life saver but it only helped for a short time period, then having to go back nearly every 4 weeks. Since doing the training, I do not have the pain any longer. I visited the cranial therapist after doing the training and he was amazed how relaxed I was, I had no pain in my usual areas. The therapist told me he was amazed that I was in good shape around the neck and back. It was amazing, that was back in May and I don't have to see him again until September, which will be just for a check up. Which is fantastic and I am so pleased. I also recently completed a half marathon midnight walk which I would never have considered doing before due to pain I would be in afterwards, but I did it! I finished it in 4hrs which was a great challenge and achievement. My walking partner was not able to take part due to illness, before doing the Training I would have pulled out myself but I did the LP and completed it on my own, and met some great people. I am also back playing badminton which had been put on hold for a number of years following my accidents. My friends and family have noticed a considerable amount of change in me, I am so pleased that Kazy was suggested to us, it was an amazing experience and it has and will continue to help me throughout my life. Thank you so much Kazy for all your support and encouragement it was very much appreciated. Mel. x

M, Horsham, Surrey, Jun 2009

Dearest Kazy - You are wise, intuiative & empathetic. Thank you for holding my hand through the past days, and giving me the courage to leap into the life I love! - Rosalind

R, Dorset, Mar 2009

Before, I was barely doing a full day of school but now, I'm in everyday, all five days a week! It's amazing; I've hardly used it but I'm completely better! I'm back to doing full time P.E. from doing none and I'm even going off-site to do rock-climbing and orienteering. And, I've got my French GCSE exam in a few weeks! It's all started opening up for me, thanks to Kazy.

A, Brighton, Sussex, Mar 2009

Dear Kazy - Thank you so much for helping me get rid of 28 years of problems, which stemmed from my childhood, this had a huge impact on my outlook in life. My future looks so much brighter and I am able to express myself more fully, and I know what I want from my relationship and life. Your technique and professional conduct is a credit to you. I feel like a new woman. I will be using your services again and I will be highly recommending you to others. Thank you - Tammy x

T, Brighton, Sussex, Oct 2008

Kazy Vincent-Janes is amazing, I highly recommend her to anyone that has a problem both physical or mental as she works wonders!........I was suffering from a personal dilema that was consuming me and making me very ill with worry, I chose to do an intense course with Kazy, as my time is very limited, and by the end of the day I had had three massive break-throughs - and the problem that I thought was unfixable was no longer a huge thing but a manageable choice that I had to make. The process also carried on working for a few days afterwards and I had such clarity, with not just my original problem but with lots of other little niggles that would have potentionally been a stress factor for me. - If you think your problem is unfixable - think again, have a chat with Kazy, as you will be amazed.

C, Camberley, Surrey, Jul 2008

Kazy, Thank you so much for everything, you have made me a different person, you are very special to me x x thank you very much

A - Brighton, Sussex, Jun 2008

Dear Kazy, A really big thank you for all your excellent, hard work. I cant believe the difference you have made in my life. The improvement in just a couple of sessions is remarkable. Well done, you are a credit to your profession, much love, Jilly

J - Lewes, Sussex, May 2008

Here is my experience of 3 days consultation .... it was life changing, before the 3 days consultation I was unrecognisable both physically and mentally. Within hours I could feel the change, by the end of day 3, I was me again, something I never thought was possible.i even looked like the me before I got ill.I feel great, amazing infact. Life is so much more than it was. I have choice like never before and Ive started using the tools in other areas of my life. Not only am I grateful but I know my children are too because I can do all the things I couldn't before. i go swimming, for walk-in the woods rather than me spending days in bed in pain. Thank you Kazy from the bottom of my heart'.

L, Brighton, Sep 2002