Who I Am


  • European College of Holistic Medicine - London
  • The Phil Parker Training Institute - London
  • DS.c G. Davies Consultant Clinical Ecology - Axminster - Devon
  • Michael Mahoney (Timelines) Specialist Hypnotherapy - Cheshire
  • The Academy of Systemic Kinesiology
  • Epigenentics International Phonocardiology Training Modules & Associated Modules. Sports & Peak Performance Phonocardiology. Master Class Epigenetics. Biomarkers in Clinical Practise.   Clinical Protocol. Gut Microbome. Annual Updates Training
  • Connirae Andreas - PhD,  one of the first NLP Trainers well-known for her groundbreaking work developing the Core Transformation Process & The Wholesness Process
  • -Human By Design - Gregg Bradon -Multiple Advanced Ascended Ascension Masters Training.
  • Training is ongoing always through various courses through out the year every year, in nutritional and natural medicine, orthomolecular medicine, nlp, hypnotherapy, Neuro science, life coaching, emotional therapy etc etc through online resources and attending courses across the country; and for the purpose of strict continual professional development and expanding my knowledge and experience through all areas of my practise. one never stops learning! I have had the priveledge of connection ongoing training with with many great pioneers in the field. 
  • Positions

  • Director of Unlimited. Holistic Complementary Practise.
  • Designer of Shine- Supporting Health Individually Naturally & Ecologically
  • Clinical Ecologist ( natural medicine, allergy, enviromental, nutritional & orthomolecular consultant. Allergies & Food Sensitivities). Tutor, Examiner & Certificator of Practitioner Clinical Ecology Training & Qualification.
  • Former Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner, International Tutor & Examiner at The Phil Parker Training Institute. Supervisor to Practitioners of the Lightning Process. 2007-2020
  • Clinical Trauma & Emotional Therapist (advanced & master clin NLP therapist/hypnotherapist/lifecoach),
  • Emotional & TraumaTherapist/Couples Coach
  • Kinesiology ( Associated member Systemic Kinesiology)
  • Spiritual Coach Light Worker
  • International Tutor & Examiner of Students in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Therapy & Life-Coaching
  •  Supervisor to Practitioners in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming & Therapy, & Life-coaching.
  • Energy Medicine Studies.
  • Registration

    • formerly 12 years of 15 year practice with Register of Practitioners Phil Parker Training Institute 
    • The Michael Mahoney Register
    • The British Institute of NLP/Hypnotherapy/Coaching.
    • The Association of Systemic Kinesiology Associate Member
    • CRB DBS checked and approved.
    • First Aid Certificate

    About Me

    I have come through many life-experiences and several serious illnesses  to a place of good-health, applying to my journey all of my trainings. I live and work sharing my trainings and experience to help support others to live the life they really love. I continue to work on myself deepening more and more to raise my Light frequency and Conciousness. I work as an emapath-intuitive/ Chaneller with the Angellic and Starseed Realms which I integrate through my clinical work...

    I strive to raise awareness and funds for children, animals and the planet. Also for African orphans in Kenya - Watoto wa Baraka Orphanage (www.volunteerafricanorphanage.org) and a group called Hugo's Boys (non-registered whose carer and rescuer was sadly taken from them in tragic circumstances ,and leaving the elder orphans caring for the younger ones - all support is accountable and carefully employed). If you would like to sponsor me for running or donate at all - please do contact me or click on this link https://www.gofundme.com/2btd8bks


    My running successes in local county events:

    -too many now to list, whilst

    2019/20 - slowed and cut down a bit now but still enjoy many happy zen miles. 2018 - Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge, Jurassic Half Marathon, Colmers 10k,Dartmoor Ultra Marathon, Coed E Brenin 10k 2016 - Dorset Endurance Hlf 16.6 miles.Tenerife Marathon, Race the Train, 50 mile Mendips,  The Grizzly 20 , Exe to Axe, Devon Dumpling 26 , London Marathon, Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge, 40 miler Ridgeway. Venice Half marathon, The Dartmoor Crossing Ultran Marathon. 2015 Ultra 40 miles Black Mountains (1st female vet), Nottingham Robin Hood Marathon, Man V Horse Marathon. The Stickler 3 Peaks. Brighton Marathon, The Fan and Dance Mountain Race, Brecan Beacons - (2nd Woman, 1st Master woman in the clean fatigue category), Endurance Life hilly Dorset 16 miler )1st female vet catagory). 2014 Dorset Half 16 miler 1st W.vet 45+. 2014 - Berlin Marathon (qualifying for London 2016). Blackmore Half. 2013 - Bridport 10k 2nd woman. Charmouth Challenge 5th 40's-vet. Blackmore Vale Half Marathon, Grizzly 20 miler. Bournemouth Marathon 8th vet catagory  2012 - Brighton Marathon, Ford Abbey 10k (2nd vet), Bridport Run (2nd woman), 1st vet Sussex Trailblazer . 18 miler Highways & Skyways challenge 2nd woman. 2011 - 2nd woman vet, 9th woman- Dorset half marathon. 4th woman Ford Abbey Somerset 10k. 2011 - 3rd woman Charmouth Challenge fell run. 1st vet, 4th woman Sussex Trailblazer. Blackmore Vale half marathon. Ford Abbey 10k 5th woman. 2010 - 2nd woman, 1st vet sussex trailblazer race / 5th woman charmouth challenge. 2009 - 1st woman, 1st vet sussex trailblazer race / 4th woman, 1st vet charmouth challenge. 2008 - 1st woman, 1st vet 20 mile hill jog-shop race sussex  2008 - 2nd woman, 1st vet, sussex trailblazer race. 2007 - 2nd woman, 1st vet sussex trailblazer race/ race for life brighton 4th woman, 1st vet.


    Please note that the information shared here is for personal reference only and is not intended to take the place of sound medical advice from a qualified practitioner. It is your responsibility to seek appropriate medical guidance for any health conditions you have. Unlimited accepts no responsibility for your health choices under any circumstances.