Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy

Offering Highly Bespoke Individually Tailored Health & Easy Life –Enhancement Services, For You Are As Unique & More Complex Than a Fingerprint!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be an  extremely powerful therapeutic tool. It is said by many to contain the most accessible, positive and useful aspects of modern psychology, and so can be helpful in virtually every aspect of personal and inter-personal relations. NLP has many beneficial uses for all emotional and physical symptoms,self-development, as well as for businesses and organizations.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming may also be very helpful for anxiety and stress management, esteem, assertiveness and confidence. The empathic caring principles of NLP embrace the practical application of ethical, compassionate and spiritual concepts of the individual  in all areas of his/her work and personal life.  NLP is a concept for personal and professional advancement and change-development.

The experience of undergoing NLP therapy and or training may be a life-changing one for many people, and its techniques offer substantial advantages for the individual and those around them.

NLP - Hypnotherapy - Life-Coaching

Combined Tailored Sessions

Kazy Vincent-Janes is an advanced practitioner, international tutor and examiner, trained in the advantageous and unique combination of using all 3 integrated modalities of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life-Coaching for exceptional and highly individually tailored approach.


"For there is no greater medicine, than that of the power of the mind" KVJ


Description Fee
Initial consultation- all physical & emotional symptoms/issues 2 hours £160.00
Further consultations per hour £80.00
Stop Smoking Package £240.00
Initial consultation- Weight Loss Package 2 hours £240.00
Excellent Spelling Strategy - for all spelling issues and very suitable for dyslexia. 2 hours £160.00
Hayfever Resolution £240.00
Private Tuition for Student Practitioners charged per hour. £80.00

Cancellations of Appointments - 48 hours notice or less will charged at the full appointment rate.

Consultation Phone/Email or Texts In-Between Appointments at the nearest half-hourly rate - this excludes new enquiries and pre-arranged LP follow-up support.

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