Important Notice: 

Prior to consultation please and reading this site please do not attempt to seek services if you do not agree to the terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

All rights to this material are reserved to the rights of Kazy Vincent-Janes and partner/s of Unlimited.

No materials shall be copied, distributed or stored in anyway whatsoever and shall remain the sole property of Kazy Vincent-Janes and partner/s. Unlimited


Responsibilty/Health & Safety

The contents of materials and all related services do not guarantee results and no attempt to diagnose, treat to cure any condition or symptoms is ever intended or given. The information shared or advised is not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult your medical physician.

The materials and all related services are intended as training and therapeutic assistance for personal, learning, support and/or as an advisory service only. The client shall take full and whole responsibility for his/her health, and his/her choice to seek services and attend any services provided from the practitioner (Kazy Vincent-Janes) and partner/s of Unlimited. Always consult your medical practitioner.

Whilst all due care is taken to ensure the safety of the client and personal possessions , all liability and responsibility for his/her choice of attendance and possessions, loss of any form and any personal risk to the client, shall remain wholly with the client at all times. The client has the right to withdraw at anytime from the sessions and any related services. 

The client shall remain wholly responsible for all beverage, food, supplements or medicines consumed on the premises, or outside of the clinical hours.

The client shall give full medical information as requested on this form including mental health history. All applications where the client is currently under a mental health team will need to get consent from their consultant or team liason officer that they are happy for consultation to go ahead. Contact between the practitioner and your consultant will be mandatory but not the content of session. 



Sessions are private and confidential; the exceptions being if a situation arises that there is a risk of harm to yourself or others. The practitioner will endeavour to seek your permission first but, if action is required, may not do so.

In the event of the practitioner asking a question that the client does not wish to answer they can respond with ‘that is the wrong question’, the practitioner will respect this right to privacy.

 Unlimited is committed to protecting your privacy. The practitioner will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998). Unlimited will not sell your details to advertising companies. Unlimited will not e-mail you in the future unless you have given us your consent.



Unlimited will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent. DO not attempt to seek services unless you are in agreement and prepared to sign to that effect. Please otherwise leave this site immediately. By proceeding any further you are committing fully to that consent.

Personal and sensitive information will be taken during the sessions as well as a written set notes of the nature and content of the session. This is for the purpose of keeping a record, tracking and or adjusting the therapies, trainings, advisory protocols and procedures, as well as providing a measure of progress/change. The personal information which we hold will be held securely in accordance with our internal security policy and the law. We will use email, mobile and landline phone services, private facebook messenger and wostapp services for contact with your agreement as we continue our work together.  Records will be securely destroyed 7 years after conclusion of the contract. You have the right to a Subject Access Request. You have the right to request that your records be destroyed and you be forgotten. You have the right to withdraw consent by requesting this directly with Unlimited.

Unlimited is not a crisis or emergency service, if you need to speak to someone immediately please contact your GP, NHS 111 or the Samaritans (08457 909090).

Data Protection: Information Commissioners Office. GDPR 2018.



 In the case of cancellations. Follow up sessions and clinical sessions booked are subject to cancellations fees at the full hourly rate 48 working hours or less. Follow up sessions are highly recommended and essential for the methodical process of clinical advice after the initial appointment/session/training dates and are charged at the current hourly rate listed on the website www.kazyvincentjanes.co.uk.

The practitioner Kazy Vincent-Janes reserves the right to terminate any appointments or services at any time without notice if the client does not adhere to the terms laid out on this page, or for any other unforeseen reasonable reason.

The client agrees to take full responsibility for my health and declare that any advice relating to clinical ecology, clinical therapies or trainings that you chose to follow are wholly of your own choice and responsibility. 

The clients acknowledges this is an advisory service only which they have sought entirely of their free will; and are at liberty to follow in-part, wholly or not at all at any time imparting no responsibility or blame to the practitioner on or outside of the premises at any time.

The practitioner shall not be held responsible for any unforeseen reactions to any advise and it is your responsibility to stop anything that you feel does not suit you.

The client understands that this does not replace medical attention, nor is intended to diagnose or treat in any way. The client shall remain registered with my GP at all times, seek medical attention as required and will check first and inform my GP of any advice you choose to follow.

The client promises to declare all medical information pertaining to self, and that of any self allergies or allergic reactions  known. Please note your practitioner does NOT carry Epipen.

If at any time you in any doubt whether to take a supplement, have an unforeseen reaction or are unsure to continue with advised guidelines, always STOPimmediately and consult your practitioner, and or seek medical help from your GP.  Bring the product with you to the next appointment. 

The client takes full responsibility for choosing to take any clinical ecology tests for the purpose attaining indicative information and supportive protocols and procedures. Acknowledging they do not replace medical tests.

The client takes full responsibility for all food, beverages and supplements that you source and ingest in or outside of the clinic. 

Whilst all due care and attention to adhere to health & safety guidelines and policy at all times, the client agrees to take full responsibility for self and their possessions at all times, and enter the premises of practice at own risk.

The client agrees to pay the session fees no later than the day of the appointment. Payment made be made by bacs transfer or cash. Late payment will be charged at £5:00 per day thereafter unless alternative arrangements have been formerly agreed with the practitioner. Current fees are displayed at the bottom of each service page on the website www.kazyvincentjanes.co.uk.

Additional consultations by phone call, email or skype are available in-between your clinical sessions. Please phone 01297 35317 or text 07990 515777 to arrange an appointment. Fee charged to the nearest half hour. 

Clinical Consultation by email for received/sent replies are available kazy@kazyvincentjanes.co.uk. Fee charged at the half hourly rate per email.

The client agrees to pay cancellations fees at the made 48 working hours or less at the full appointment rate.

The client declares to provide full current and historical medical information including mental health; as well as all any other current and historical complmentary/alternative practitioners/services precioulsy or currently engaged with and to be true and as complete to the best of thier ability.