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If you do not agree to the following terms and conditions, please do not attempt to seek services.

Services do not guarantee results and no attempt to diagnose, treat to cure is ever intended or given. All information given by the practitioner is for an advisory and information only service. The information on this site is not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult your medical physician.

The client shall take full responsibilty for his/her health and will remain registered with a medical practitioner at all times.

The client shall take full responsibility for his/her choice to seek out the practitioner, attend and/or follow any of the advisory services provided. That the client is enteirely at liberty to follow in part, wholly or not at all at any time the sessions, trainings or advise sought by the the client from the practitioner, imparting no blame or responsibility to the practitioner before, during or after the consultation.

Whilst all due care is taken to ensure the safety of the client and personal possesions, the client shall remain entirely responsible for his/her choice of attendance and behaviour on the premises.

The client will remain totally responsible for what he/she ingests (all food, beverages, supplements, medical and non-medical alternatives herbal, orthomoleculer or otherwise) on or outside of the clinical hours and no blame or responsibilty will impart to the practitoner at any time. The client will declare all medical information pertaining to his/herself including any known allergies or allergic reactions previously experienced.

Cancellations of Appointments - 48 working hours notice or less will charged at the full appointment rate. Appointment rates are displayed the website and are liable to change at any time. Cancellations of LP bookings or Shine extended consultation from 14 days or less prior to the booking are non-refundable. 

Consultation Phone/Email or Texts In-Between Appointments  per reply charged to the nearest half-hourly rate, please see website service page for current rate- this excludes new enquiries and pre-arranged LP follow-up support.