Spiritual Coach & Soul Journey Mentor.

Kazy Vincent-Janes :Tel  01297 35317

Past Life Reading Clearing Spiritual Coach 

Spiritual Mentor. Angellic Chanelling & Divine Crystalline Tones & Transmissions 

Shamaness : Mother Earth - Starseed Activations / Light Codes / DNA

Mind-Body Empath & Soul Journey Worker

Clairvoyance/Clairscentiant/Clairaudiant - Tarot

Supporting Health Individually Naturally & Ecologically

Kazy Vincent-Janes an experienced emapth/intuitive and soul journey/energy-reader. A Spiritual Coach specialising in Chanelling vibrational Angelllic and Shamanic type energy work. Mind/Body-Energy Readings & Therapy brings in many aspects of support for the individual. Born with a hightened extra sensory intuitiveness/clairvoyance/clairsentiant which has evolved and developed over time working with incredble Light Workers on the planet as well the many Light Realms and Ascension Masters. Kazy has married her scientic and clinical trainings/studies with Advanced Master Ascension Trainings to embody in and around and through-out, this gift to support those who favour a more spiritual supportive approach..


Everything IS Energy - including You! Science now explains that everything is an arrangement of particles, protons and atoms influenced by everything in and around us. With emotional and phyical imbalance, we can now see how the DNA molecule compresses, and with Health it expands. Dis-at-ease or EASE. 

For You Are A Unique, multi-system Resonance of Energy always seeking its homeostatic blueprint.

Light language communicates through all of our senses affecting our physical DNA and our spritual resonance, which also affects our DNA, and thus is a multi-dimensional experience of communication and alignment, a knowing without knowing even! Essentially connecting with the Christ Conciousness into the Universal energies of Divine flow, our Guides, the Angellic Realms and other Realms of Light, for support, realignement and comfortably allowing and arriving into feeling safe and more confident able to be your true self as you clear karma drama, past life and current life trauma, for deeper connection to live and be your true essence. Kazy with permission may read past life, limiting beliefs/contracts, curses, channel tones, sounds, gentle touch, messages and support with the guidance to assist/activate the orignal dna blueprint, clear blocks and  support change from what is holding you back. Soul journeying!


Strong Love 

In any one moment, really really ask what would Love have me think, feel, react or not, do or not do, for myself right now and in any now moment! There is nothing to do now other than BE the Love Essence that you are. Nothing, simply nothing now you need carry, bear, fight, put up with no more, it is done... May you resonate emanate your Essence of love so brightly, naturally and easily and use this question to direct your own love flow for your forever journey from now on in tech now moment. In any uncomfortable moment ask this question, for every answer for the melting and moving in the way of love for yourself, and consequently those whom ever cross your path and whatever soul contracts have gone, continue or come, that your own light cannot fail but to shower you and everyone around with the fountains of source. Move in the way of love always. Blessings Light Human Beings xxx let’s do it. Kazy


Description Fee
Combined Consultation 2 hours £192.00
Single Consultation per hour £96.00

Cancellations of Appointments - 48 hours notice or less will charged at the full appointment rate.

Consultation Phone/Email or Texts In-Between Appointments at the nearest half-hourly rate - this excludes new enquiries and pre-arranged LP follow-up support.

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