Sports & Peak Performance

Offering Highly Bespoke Individually Tailored Health & Easy Life –Enhancement Services, For You Are As Unique & More Complex Than a Fingerprint!


A comprehensive and personalised support for your indidvdual and unique sports, performance or business needs. By ascertaining your specific dietry, nutritional, cardio-oxygen status combined with brain to body and body to brain neurological interactions, emotional and stress responses, introducing motivational, inspirational and keys skills to support you to keeping you on track with a view to achieving your goals.


Using information from the combination of:

  • Personalised Life- Coaching to support you in a highly tailored approach tokeep you on track and achieve your goals.
  • Digital Phonocardiology - oxygen and cardio  - a digital phonocardiology reading to assist indicative information. (please note, Kazy is not  cardiologist but has attended training to use and read the digital steth for indicative purposes only. In no way is this for diagnostic medical use - please refer to your medical physician)
  • Clincal Ecology - addressing diet, allergies and environmental factors affecting mood and physical status - personal testing
  • Nutritional & Natural Medicine - supplements, celloid and electrolytes, orthomolecular and natural support.
  • Kinesiology - muscle, lymph, nerve, nutrition testing
  • NLP neurolinguistic programming, training and therapy - motivation, focus, commitment with ease and joy!
  • Hypnotherapy - addressing blocks


As well as the abo​ve experience and training, Kazy is also an experienced athlete over many years. She understand s full well the ups and downs of the human condition with regard to sport and/or peak/work performance.  Kazy is able to offer you an empathetic, inspirational and totally one to one focussed commited support service as your personal coach and practitioner for your unique journey - at your pace, your way, the right way for you! 



"Sport has to be the most convergent of all human activies because athletes know that there is no fundamental difference between body, mind and spirit. To be truly great, an athlete must develop all three together, exercise them all together and bring the strength of all three to bear on the contest. Only then is greatness possible and only then does victory have universal meaning because it reflects the fullness and richness of the human heart". 

Mohammed Ali.





Description Fee
Initial Consultation 2 hours £160.00
Follow Up Consultations per hour £80.00

Cancellations of Appointments - 48 hours notice or less will charged at the full appointment rate.

Consultation Phone/Email or Texts In-Between Appointments at the nearest half-hourly rate - this excludes new enquiries and pre-arranged LP follow-up support.

Important Notice: services do not guarantee results and no attempt to diagnose, treat to cure is ever intended or given. The information on this site is not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult your medical physician.