SHINE  Kazy Vincent-Janes : Holistic Consultant  Bespoke Individually Tailored Health &  Wellbeing Supportive Services. 


Supporting Health Individually Naturally & Ecologically

Introduction to the Extended 3 day Shine Consultation:

Everything Is Energy - including You! Science now explains that everything is an arrangement of particles, protons and atoms influenced by everything in and around us. With emotional and phyical imbalance, we can now see how the DNA molecule compresses, and with Health it expands. Dis-at-ease or EASE. 'The real You, how you really wanna be, requires having or doing nor learning or trying, no wondering no becoming, no striving to do. For you were born without apology being you in your truest essence with a physical emotional and spiritual blueprint -And for various reasons, we get out of synch, or alignment from that blueprint or knowing, and so this is just the invitation for your  waiting for you to embrace it and love you as the universe and those that truly honour do'.

Embracing through-out the concept of the very essence of who you truly are, and drawing upon beautiful processes of 'allowing and arriving'/no 'push no pull' a holistic Heart-Centred, highly personalised, bespoke supporting physical, emotional and the spiritually self on your journey. Shine is a BESPOKE highly personalised  extended  3 day consultation, and followed up by ongoing single sessions as required (charged separately) for the intention of moving on your story or journey into conciousness and states of wellbeing, centred from the true essence of whom you truly are to thus support a way of well-being resonating in your unique heart coherance! and thus influencing the alignment of the mind and body. With supportive, trainings based upon cutting edge heart--mind-body sciences embracing neuroplasticity, epigenetics gene expression, orthomolecular/natural/nutritional meds and for coaching/training for an inner set of tools and skill sets: and personalised blended emotional therapies. The content of which is never intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition/symptoms or replace medical services - always consult your medical practitioner.

Shine considers the unique tapestry of individual's illness/condition/life-issues physically, emotionally and spritiually, with a view to assisting and supporting the individual on his/her personal and unique journey. Shine is based and rooted from the trainings and studies of clinical ecology based upon the biology and cuttng edge science  (full consultation and tests included), mind-body NLP neuro-linguistics and neuroplasticity, emotional therapies (based upon trainings in heart coherance, mind-body trainings, The Wholeness Process, nlp, clinical hypnotherapy, life-coaching, deep trauma resolution, timelines), energetic & vibrational medicine;  coupled with intuitive energetic empathic energy, soul reading and relalignments. 

Shine is based upon clinical biology, emotional, chemical, neurological, epigenetic status and expression collectively of mind, body and very much so the heart (now reclassified as a brain in its own right), the  concept principles of the 3 brains - the  - Heart now classified as a brain in its own right, and eminating an electro magnetic field, the master influencer; the Mind-brain - Gut- pancreas/adrenal body.  All connected and wired by the nervous system! Shine shares a wealth of fascinating and inspiring information amongst beautiful therapeutic processes for allowing your personal unique process to arrive at supportive resolutions and rebalance, whilst learning bespoke personalised tools not just for current symptoms/issues but for all areas of life. Discover and expand more fully into the YOUNESS of YOU, as a way of being and life forward flow. This is not fix or cure neither treatment, this is an extended  meeting for support and empower you on your personal journey.  


Energetic and soul reading and realignment with Kazy (optional). 

Each shine consultation will be bespoke and uniquely pitched to the individual over time as appropriate, so attention to the necessary is not lost to any area where not applicable.

Shine does requires the individual to be committed, honest and open to engage fully with the practitioner. Shine aims to assist the individual on his/her journey, at the pace and over the time required by the client; Shine is teamwork working together, client and practitioner in tandem. Shine does not assume or claim responsibility for the health of any individual and cannot guarantee results. It is a personal decision to seek out the trainings and assistance of the practitioner for which the client wholly takes responsibility. Shine will require a commitment to an ongoing life practice and application.

This is your journey, your life!

My Commitment to You:

I will be wholly committed to you on your journey over during the Shine Consultation and afterwards for support. My role is to share enabling and helpful trianings and therapeutics to support and enable you to HOW to move towards the resolve you desire - towards living life more comfortably more of the time. I will work with you to the highest professional & ethical standards with care, integrity & honesty at all times. I will be flexible and attentive to your specific details - You are unique and will be treated accordingly- you were born to soar and be magnificently YOU! Although the following information may seem a lot to cover in 3 days,  and we can only cover so much in 3 days, however, my job is to make that easy and simple and empoerring for you, applying what only is relevantand you choose to work on. to you. The 3 days are not the fix but the start of a supportive and progressive set of trainings, coaching and therapuetics which will require practice during and after the 3 days.

My background: I am trained in the studies of the physiology of human biology (pancreatic, adrenal, neurological, endocrine, intestinal); nutritional, orthomolecular medicines and environmental studies as a clinical ecologist; and carrying on the unique and exceptional work pioneered by DS.c Gwynne H Davies ND.DO Cl.Eco.Rtd. I have attended many, (and regularly continue to attend) training courses including many master classes including Epigenetics, phonocardiology, biophotonics in the nutritional and natural world; and studied extensively and continue to study daily linking myself with many world class experts in the field. I am now the UK trainer, examiner and certificator of the insurable Clinical Ecology qualification for practitioners.

Trained also as an advanced Emotional Therapist, advanced NLP, clinical hypnotherapy and life-coaching and many other beautiful processes such as the wholness process and others. With many years behind me teaching/examining students internationally and supervising qualified practitioners.

I also have been working as an empath/intiuitive with energetic healing for many years. Working with the Angellic and Ascension Masters and Mother Earth shamanic type processes and combining DNA Scienced based heart Coherance. (this is an optional aspect of Shine)

The Shine Consultation - What I Expect from You:
To be Willing, Ready & Open to participate fully during the consultation. You will be required to become a team with me to work together. We will address beliefs about issues and symptoms, considering other health professional opinions, and the possibilities for the future. You will be required to be flexible in your thinking and be open and honest at all times.
To embrace the invititation of gentle yet powerful therapeutics, trainings and clinical consultation, apply & integrate into daily practice. And most of Be You!

Clinical ecology is the term used whereby a holistic consultant aims to restore the balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual balance of the individual person. Thus approaching any condition to achieve the maximum quality of life for as long as possible.

We will use advanced nlp and beautiful therpaeutics and similar techniques from all of my trainings to clear and release swiftly, causative stuckness of unwanted patterns, feelings, traumas and learnt behaviours (often unconciously and through no fault of your own), that are often contributing to the invisible, yet profoundly effecting your symptoms.

I will teach you simple, powerful bespoke techniques tailored specifically for you to employ as a self-help tool, that is designed to enable you to move forward with an easy simplicity that may become a way of functioning and being.

Over Day One and Two, Bringing you home to the reminder and rediscovery of the very essence of who you truly are with no doing or having or getting or learning!, and from there on I will be sharing and training you with information from the studies of all of my above trainings that is specific to you to inform and assist you on your personal healing journey.  We will be looking into your unique  heart-centred - brain–body neurology, how and why that effects the adrenal responses and consequently other systems in the body such as the vagus nerve and acetylcholine (the major break on inflammatory processes and regulatory body for well-being). Stress of any sort long term is well known to lead to adrenal weakness and fatigue, and immune-suppression affecting all systems. Adrenal exhaustion is in my opinion one of the most underlying and important areas to address to achieve optimum health. It is always present in chronic conditions. Long -term sustained arousal of the adrenal system leads to immune suppression and the suppression of the parasympathetic nervous system (inclusive of the vagus nerve), leading to a vicious cycle the fight or flight response which the body may get neurologically and epigentically locked into. Stress is stress whatever the cause, physical or emotional!

Another important area to consider is the ability of the brain to rewire itself (Neuroplasticity). Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity, is an umbrella term that encompasses both synaptic plasticity and non-synaptic plasticity—it refers to changes in neural pathways and synapses which are due to changes from emotional, behaviour, environment and neural processes, as well as changes resulting from bodily injury. These can alter body and brain responses, which then get stuck and off-set the healthy default patterns in other systems, emotional and or physical Neuroplasticity has replaced the formerly-held position that the brain is a physiologically static organ, and explores how - and in which ways - the brain changes throughout life. We will address deeper unresolved trauma and upset once and for all at a therapeutic level in short sessions as required and create bespoke, slick, besoke-tailored tools to suit you to enable you to navigate life with more heart resiliance and positive influence for mind and body to align more for joy and balance, as much as is humanly possible- we were inherantly designed to be able to tap into greater resiliance than previoulsy thought.

Over Day Two and Three from the studies of epigenetics we will consider environmental signals through perceptions, which in turn may affect of our genes. How you see the world selects which genes are going to be activated and modifies the interpretations to make proteins that best fit the environmental circumstances of the time. Perception and beliefs can hugely affect our responses, but not all perceptions are true. Misperceptions are interpretations of the world, the stories we tell ourselves, that are inaccurate, may affect our biology and which can lead to dysfunctions and disease which is why thought becomes a prominent contributor to the state of health we express. Perception is the primary mechanism that controls our biology.

We shall be looking at the brain of the gut ‘the pancreas’ and the consequent interaction to all other systems that may be affecting your well-being and or recovery. Directly wired to the brain, heart and other systems, the gut is 80% of the immune system! Nutritional, natural and environment chemistry is vital to our well-being.

The Pancreas- The pancreas is the instigatory endocrine/exocrine organ/gland in the body, a compound gland situated in the duodenum curve behind the stomach. It is our central computer of all metabolic/enzymatic/chemical processes and affecting all other organs (heart, liver, spleen, brain etc etc) and like any computer is essential that it is functioning correctly - if it is overloaded/fed incorrect information, the system may mal-function.

By testing  the pancreas (according to the trainings in this modality) it is possible to source the indicative malfunction and follow with an individually tailored approach. If you have adverse symptomology, then always consult your doctor first - this will ascertain whether the problem is organic or not and advise accordingly.

The Gut-Contains approximately 80% + of your immune system and is your defence from the 'outside'- considering the gut receives from everything from the outside, that’s a very, very big role it plays. The gut contains a system of trillions of friendly microbes all playing a role involved with many processes and functions to maintain homeostasis and health. When there is an imbalance or disturbance through physical, chemical or emotional stress, symptoms can arise causing all sorts of havoc.

Pain & Inflamation is the body`s warning system and chronic pain or inflamation is never good often leading onto other symptoms. Often the body gets stuck in a chronic cycle, which will need to be unlocked to allow the body to resume a healthy way of being. .

Adrenal Stress of any sort long term is well known to lead to adrenal atrophy (weakness and fatigue) and immune- suppression. Adrenal exhaustion, and the suppression of acetylcholine, is in my opinion one of the most underlying and important areas to address to achieve optimum health. It is always present in chronic conditions. Commonly pathogens, parasites, hidden food sensitivities, unknown syndromes and allergies may cause symptoms and never had been considered, only to find they may be the very root of a long history of symptoms that nobody really got to the bottom of. Emotional stress is equally important and related to symptoms - long term sustained arousal of the adrenal system leads to immune suppression and a vicious cycle the fight or flight response which the body may get neurologically locked into. Stress is stress whatever the cause! .

Clinical Ecology is a specialized and methodical process using painless and safe means of the unique Davies Test, applied kinesiology, allergy testing, vibrational and radionic energy biofeedback testing along with nutrient, enzymes & orthomolecular medicines, epigeneology and biophotonics as and if necessary; nlp, hypnotherapy, coaching, emotional trainings and other procedures, with a view to seek and resolve the root causes. During Shine we will have a consultation to advise you on a highly individual plan of action to support your healing journey.

On day Three we shall consider the’other’ brain –the Heart! Latest studies indicate the heart as an organ that can be affected directly or independently of other systems and thus has been reclassified as an endocrine organ in its own right. Quite literally we can feel heartache or ‘hit in the heart”. A phonocardiology reading will be taken in the extended clinical ecology option. This is one of the most advanced steth readings in the world and is an indicative and useful tool for seeking more in depth, indicative information for the process of the emotional and physical realignment with the original blueprint of the heart.

An energetic heart and soul journey reading and realignment session is an optional part of Shine. It is based upon the intuitive, experience and studied healing modalities of vibrational energy, Angellic and shamanic type work. 


Optional on Day 3 Energy Soul Alignment with Kazy.


When working in tandum with Kazy, the work takes on a different dynamic, the aim here to EMBODY positve physical and emotional improvments and support for the individual. 

Please note it is important to state services do not in any way guarantee results and no attempt to diagnose, treat to cure is ever intended or given. The information on this document is not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult your medical physician. All information therapeutics, trainings and tests (non-invasive, non-medical and indicative based bio-energy according to training modalities listed) shared during the extended consultation are for advisory purposes only – it is the responsibility of the client to draw from this that which resonates and they feel may be helpful.  

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Please call for your more details 01297 35317 and assessment to see how this may be appropriate for you.

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SHINE- highly personalised, comprehensive & fully integrated Body-Mind -Soul consultation £1,150.00

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